An Accounting Problem

 If there is any mistake on your invoice, billing or shipping on your customer account, please contact us by e-mail or by telephone with your customer account number.

              e-mail to:

              Telephone: (519) 252-3518

Our Product Return Policy

          You have fully obligation to check the product sending to you which is the product you ordered or not before you broke the seal of APCorps which stick on your product package. If you find a wrong delivery product,  don't open the package, please contact us at (519) 252-3518 to report the mistake and follow us instruction to send it back at our cost. We shall fully refund or resend you a product you ordered.

         There is no return and refund allowed for the product you ordered or product package seal broken.

Ask a Business Catalog

            Please e-mail your request or download our business catalog online.

           e-mail to:

Be a Business Partner

         APCorps welcome you to be our business partners. We provide good commission to individual and business salesperson. Please contact us to find you this part time commissioner work by sending your e-mail to:

Have a credit problem

           APCorps will not discriminate anyone who has bad credit history. We provide our customer cheque payment with your personal ID (such as S.I.N for Canadian or S.S.N for American) shown on your cheque or a cetificatied cheque.

Have a financial problem

           If you have financial problem for ordering your product over $1000.00, we may find a payment plan right for you. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

          e-mail to:

The Problem for ordering online

           If you have a problem for ordering online, You could fax your order or send your order by e-mail to: . You also welcome to call (519) 252 -3518 for an assistance.

For All Other Problems

        Please feedback all your problem and question by sending your e-mail to: