Introduction of Product of APCorps®

 Apollo Publication Corporation as an important part of IOE (Imperial Of Earth) is playing great role for publishing the products such as Bank Notes, Postal Stamps, Postcards, Handbooks of Law, Standards and Specifications, Road Maps and Road Signs, IOE Posts, Magazine, Textbooks, Birth and Marriage Certifications, I.D. Card, Credit Card, Licences and Permits, etc. on IOE.

          Apollo Publication Corporation also publishes the books and works of God Luo family and her kins.

          Apollo Publication Corporation provides printing service for all business partners for their financial reports, product catalogs, labels and trade mark stickers, Journal and Ledger of acounting, flyers, etc.

          Apollo Publication Corporation has her online store for international customer to buy the products online.

          Please send us e-mail or contact us for the products and services not list on this web page or online store. We could help you out or find a solution for your printing or publishing works.