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 The truly real history of human being has never been recorded and known to us all.

From the piece of the legend, fairytale and fable, we could have only found a clue that our ancestry among different races on the Earth originated from the same creator, whom we call her - the God Luo in our solo solar system.

Human Being has carried the God Luo's figure, feeling and image more or less. There are more less love and truth in human's inner than God's.

Today, we are living the world without respect, equality and order. There seems no one truly searching the God, seeking the Truth and exploring the Love. Human being has witnessed too much unfair, unreason and unusual events in their short life.

To force ourselves numbling is not a way to make us live happily.

How could human beings avoid pains from others and ourselve? How could human beings live on the Earth more harmony? How could human beings find truly out who we are?

The truth is that the human being has been created unequally. There is no equal to all our mind, our body, our characteristic, our personality, our imagination, our voice, our verbaling, our expression, our energy, our ability, our beauty, etc. How could we deal with all these differences?

... ...

Apollo Publication Corporation has her mission to unify the world Language, History and Culture, to form all documents of Law on IOE(The Imperial Of the Earth), to print all Specifications and Standards on IOE, to issue the new and only Notes of Currency and Stamp on IOE, to publish News about founding of IOE, to consolidate Globe School Textbooks, to Web World Wide Customers Online purchasing, schooling, banking and charting, etc.

Welcome you to join our team, to support our school texbook, to do what ever you can help no matter big or small. Let's together to build better world on the Earth.

IOE is not the dream but the reality. Believe the God Luo is with you.


Your truly,

  Xiaobo Lucy Luo


(CEO, Chief Executive Officer/First Director)


 (If you want to contact with me, please send an e-mail to: CEO@APCorps.com )

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